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  • Ensure the long-term viability of providing camper sponsorships to disadvantaged children and youth from the Region of Waterloo & Southwestern Ontario.
  • Provide quality facilities, equipment and staffing to meet or exceed OCA (Ontario Camping Association) standards for accommodations, dining hall facilities, hygiene, safety, staff training and program delivery.
  • Be recognized as a leader in serving children and youth from social service agencies.


  • Fosters self esteem, social skills and respect for others
  • Uncovers potential for personal growth in campers and staff
  • Nurtures teamwork, mentoring and leadership development


Members of the McGovern community come from all walks of life. We have different backgrounds and come from different cultures. We practise faiths in ways you may be unfamiliar with, with a common belief in the strength of working together to create a stronger future for us all. We are all shades of “skin tone”, different body sizes, and all genders and abilities. We are a rich mix of humanity with a wide range of interests, skills and passions. Sometimes we require adaptation and modification, but always, and only, with the intention of creating an inclusive space for all. We are McGovern, and we’re all in this together!