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To Our Beloved Camp McGovern Community,

For 50 wonderful camp seasons, we have had the privilege of sharing the magic of Camp McGovern with countless campers. Throughout these years, we’ve witnessed incredible transformations and growth, fostered lifelong friendships, and facilitated unforgettable experiences. We are more than just a camp; we are a family and community united by shared values and experiences.

However, the world is changing, and consequently, families and organizations are facing increasing financial and operational strains. Like many, we are not impervious to these challenges. The escalating costs of supporting children to attend camp, coupled with the operational challenges of running the camp, have put our organization under unsustainable pressure.

Therefore, to ensure the future sustainability of Camp McGovern, we find it necessary to make some changes. After careful consideration, we have strategically decided to pause our camp operations. This decision, although not taken lightly, is crucial for the long-term success of our mission. We are immensely grateful to our Executive Director, Trudi Axtmann, and the entire Camp McGovern family for your invaluable support in making this summer’s camp program a reality.

While this may seem to mark the end of an era, it does not signify the end of Camp McGovern’s impact. Our mission remains strong, and we are dedicated to exploring new avenues to ensure its continuation for another 50+ years. Our belief in the value of camp persists, and we simply need to redirect our efforts to ensure that every child has the opportunity to experience it.

We understand that this news may come as a surprise and evoke feelings of loss. However, we want you to know that this is not a goodbye, but a transformation. The legacy of Camp McGovern will continue to thrive in one form or another, and whatever that is, it will prioritize the welfare of the campers who need our support most.

In these challenging times, we are grateful for your unwavering support. Your contributions to Camp McGovern have been invaluable. As we navigate this transition, your continued support will be pivotal.

We encourage you to cherish your memories of Camp McGovern and continue sharing them. The stories of joy, growth, and friendship that have unfolded here are a testament to the camp’s enduring impact.

Thank you for your understanding, patience, and ongoing support. With heartfelt appreciation, we want you to remember that just as in nature, where each sunset is followed by a new dawn, this is not an end for Camp McGovern, but rather the start of a new beginning filled with much needed opportunities and adventures.


The Camp McGovern Board of Directors