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Frequently Asked Questions

If you haven’t already heard, our food is really good! We do not have friers – meals are wholesome, balanced, and plentiful…and prepped fresh each day. Almost everything is cooked from scratch by our Kitchen Team, headed by our Head Cook.  

We are not affiliated with any faith or religion. We have campers and staff from all walks of life and provide safe places for prayers, traditions, or rituals to take place at camp i.e. prayers, smudging, etc.

We provide a $20 bus ride each way from different cities each week including Brampton, and Kitchener. Check out the summer schedule for all the details. You must indicate on your child’s registration form if you intend to use the bus; you can also contact us to let us know after you have completed the registration form. 

Staff spend 1-2 weeks at camp prior to the first session learning about ages and stages of child development, managing groups, how to teach, program development, communication, problem solving, disclosures, special needs, homesickness, and so much more. 

We have a large number of activities that kids can choose from! View our programs page to learn more about our camper activities.

We are accredited by the Ontario Camps Association. We adhere to more than 400 safety regulations at McGovern. You can read the regulations here.

Camp McGovern is committed to serving all campers, including those with disabilities. McGovern provides fully accessible bathrooms and other assistance for access to camp buildings.  Due to the nature of camp grounds it is suggested that those with questions of personal mobility and accessibility to our physical site arrange with the office a tour of the facility prior to renting, working, or attending one of our programs.

It is extremely important that you, the parent or guardian, let us know where we can reach you while your child is at camp. If you are planning to be on vacation or away from home, please call or email us to provide a number where you can be reached. Additionally, we must have a secondary emergency contact that is accessible while your child is at camp. Please make sure this person will be available during that time.

Many children will miss home while at camp. Staff are trained to support campers through this emotional time. If a child is homesick – meaning they are physically ill or otherwise impaired as a result of being homesick – we may call you to come and get them. It is much more beneficial for a child to have a few good days at camp then an agonizing week. Click here to learn what you can do to help your child have a great week at camp.


Have questions about sending your child to camp? Please contact our Camp Director.