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Both programs offer unique experiences that will help the participants build self-confidence and develop their leadership skills while working with their peers towards common goals. These programs are intimate in size, with only 8 co-ed campers in the LIT program and 8 in the CIT program. There will be a separate application available on March 11th, 2022 for campers to apply to these programs.


The CIT program is a 4 week long training program where you will learn about yourself, your leadership capabilities and how to be a role model for the younger campers. We believe that CITs should have experience in all areas of camp before they start their journey as counsellors in training. This program is designed to build confidence and motivate the participants in gaining the hard skills and discipline needed to become effective camp counsellors.

They will practice and effectively demonstrate these foundational skills by running camper program periods during a regular camper session, working individually with campers, and during a 4-night, 5-day canoe trip. In running activity program periods, campers will be given time to prepare prior to the session, have a daily preparation period as well as a debrief on how the session went. The 4-night, 5-day canoe trip on the Saugeen River will emerge at Lake Huron in Southampton.


The Leader In Training program is a 2-week long training program where you will learn about yourself, your leadership capabilities and how to help the other leaders in the group. Our LITs will become better leaders by working collaboratively with their peers and demonstrate positive role modelling to our younger campers. They will learn how to set and achieve personal and group goals, and how to give and receive feedback. They will learn about our Camp McGovern mission and values, our program of activities/events and safety procedures and protocols.

This program puts an emphasis on personal responsibility, teamwork, and communication skills. LIT participants are introduced to the camp work environment through supervised shadow placements, a 3 day canoe trip, and developing program modules for the general camp program.



*Candidates for LIT/CIT programs must complete an application. Space is limited. Candidates for the CIT program must have completed an LIT or LEAD camp program, or have prior leadership training.*


Have questions about registering for the Lead Program? Please contact our Camp Director.